Homework - Dave Hartman

Hi Dave,

Please use this forum to post your homework.


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    I filled in the forehead a bit more so he was a little less neanderthal looking.  Also, tried to correct the back of the skull.  I noticed, too, that the jaw was a little too big, so I pared that down some.  Lastly, I softened the folds along the nose and cheeks.

    It's interesting that after I took pictures of this, I see more things wrong with it.  Too bad I cannot fix them right now.

    The ears are still just place holders.  And I just don't understand eyes.

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    Pretty nice! The eyes appear a little big and a bit too close together…. Also, bild up the top of the head a little more; remember, the eyes come halfway down the face. You may also consider making the nose a little smaller, and fixing the corners of the mouth from being so downturned. Keep it up!
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    So I managed to make it look worse in my opinion.  I added some mass to the to of the head, though it ended up being asymmetrical.  The mouth is a little less down turned, but I'm not sure I did it right.  The nose is untouched.  (I figure there are still too many more pressing errors to worry about the nose at this point.)  The ears are a little more realistic even if completely dissimilar.  I might just sit down a sculpt ears for a while.  They are actually rather interesting shapes.  Anyway, the eyes are just beyond me.  I did reduce their size but I think they are too far forward int he skull.  I liked them better when they were deep set.  I think it fits the large, heavy features better.

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