Comic style JUDGE DREDD


here is a picture of the judge dredd costume myself and a friend put together. Patt foad was the very talented make up artist that created this simon bisly inspired prosthetic i made the costume (helmet, shoulders etc etc ) i hope you like feel free to show the pictures around and let me know what you think. cheers. 


  • Woah! I thought that was a CG rendering at first!
     Amazing work!
  • I thought it was CGI as well. Very nice. What was used for the prosthetic chin, foam or a silicone? The blending of the edges is really seamless.
  • wow really awesome!!!   
  • I don't think this is a prosthetic Matthew.
    I think that is an entire mask. So there are no edges.
  • Job done and the right age.
  • So cool!!
  • Thanks guys. I did this as a makeup towards the Advanced Dick Smith correspondence course. The chin/jaw and top lip were platgel silicone. The piece was run at 150% as it was just for a photoshoot it didnt need to move per say. It was hair punched and shaved. The blend went beneath his eyelids and around the corners of his nostrils. The bottom edge is concealed by the sheer scale of the jaw line. 
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