Completed Alien xenomorph costume wanted

Hello – I am trying to find an alien costume from the Sigourney Weaver "Aliens" films. This is for a private event on October 3rd, here in LA. My fiancé and I are having a Predator-themed wedding and we would love to have an authentic Alien make a brief cameo appearance (less than 10 mins)! 

We love both franchises and adore your studio's work, and I know this would make her happy to see both represented. 

I have had no luck finding a licensed Alien costume in any rental house or costume store in Los Angeles, and you guys are my last hope! 

Please contact me if you have made one (or know someone who has made one) and can help me out. I basically need the suit, or someone in the suit, for approximately 10 or 15 mins on Saturday, October 3rd, and of course I'll pay whatever the rental or appearance fee is. Please contact me as soon as possible! Thank you very, very much, 

– Cooper 



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