Realistic Vines

Does anyone have an idea on doing realistic Vines? backstory: vines creeped up a object over the years and have the object covers.Overall look: Tangled Vines where the object "inside" is still visible. Object is in public Area and touchable by guests.

any suggestions? Thanks in Advance!


  • Here is one method using foam insulation tubing, masking tape, and artificial leaves from cheap artificial plants:

    You could also fabricate your own leaves using any number of materials like tissue paper and latex, cut them out of sheet material like vinyl, etc.  And if you can't find the foam you can use rope.

    Many craft stores also sell wreaths that look like they are made out of long dried vines woven together.  These can be undone, and reformed with a bit of warm water or steam.  You can also paint them if you want them to look more alive.

    Joann fabrics sells this one, which works great:

    Another option would be to research what type of vines grow in your area, grab some trash bags and clippers (and a few friends to help), and go vine hunting.  If this is for a scheduled shoot/event, you can time your harvest to be as close to the shoot day as possible to keep the vines looking fresh and alive if that's your goal.   Misting them with a bit of water while they are still in the bags and storing them in a cool place will also help keep them from drying out as fast.

  • Hi,

    thanks for the Feedback! Project is 365/outdoor and has a lot of visitors year around...i look at the video and tips and its a good starting point to test some things out, thanks..
  • Smooth-On just released this video:

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