Homework - Shannon Cooke


  • *New* concept idea - Jack Marionette
  • Moulds done for head, shoes and hands. 
  • First pull of head mould

  • Head and jaw mechanism 
  • Finished Structure for Jack Marionette 
    Resin Skull, fabric arms with rigid resin hands.
    Foam carved body parts laid over with Apoxie in a thin layer. Apoxie was run through a pasta machine to achieve a thin even layer. I would however love to mould and cast in expanding foam if and when I decide to try and build another.
    Legs made from thick dowel with leather hinged knees
    Feet made from cast resin and weighted slightly with Apoxie.
    All pivot joints are lined with aluminium tube and hinged with copper clad welding rod. Super glue and baking soda used to set and reinforced with Apoxie.
    Had many issues in the assembly. Due to the round nature of his head the pivot of the jaw made the mouth plate in a very high position on the head causing the string to be exiting the head very high and forward. 
    I counter balanced this with the nose string and this worked quite well. Given the time to redo the head I would work on getting this more towards the back of the head. 
    Jack also had a large gap at base of chin for the movement of the mouth. I managed to pivot this jaw back inside the skull and disguise the action and gap this way. 
    Jack is a gangly stick figure which makes his arms and legs a little hard to control due to the very long nature of the limbs. 
    I have never used a marionette before and therefore my tests aren’t well executed. I have improved in the few hours I have played with him and look forward to more fun learning how to get the most out of his performance. 
    I feel overall the marionette works pretty good, its a pity the puppeteer has no idea what they are doing! LOL

    Thankyou Scott for a Wonderful class. I learnt a lot about myself and mastering marionette construction. 

    Kind Regards


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    First movement Test
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    Second Movement Test

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    View of Marionette and controller for assessment

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  • Please see other test videos for other movement examples. Unfortunatley due to never using a marionette before my skills getting him to move fluidly is very poor. Im afraid that I have not done the puppet justice with my manipulation of him. 
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