Question on Marionette Size

Hi Scott, I have a question regarding size. You mentioned 32” as your rough size. Is there a reason other than the proportion to the head and mechanising as to why you have chosen this size?
I measured 32” and it seems as though I would need to stand on a box to operate something this large in order to give some length to strings and controller.
Can you please tell me what the average length of string would be from top of puppets head to controller? Trying to work out an appropriate puppet length that will be comfortable for me to use. Is there a particular stance for a performer? Comfortable position?


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    Hi Shannon, here is the answer from Scott:

    Marionettes can be very small to large.  Smaller(18") is a very common size... Also 24". 

    Larger is easier to be seen by an audience and easier to animate a larger head. 24" is a perfect size for a beginner.

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