Now On-Demand: How to Make a Latex Rubber Mask Part 1 - with Tim Martin - (Free Chapter)

Learn how to make a latex rubber mask with FX master Tim Martin (The Thing, Jurassic Park 3, AVP: Alien vs. Predator)

In PART 1 of his 3-part "How to Make a Mask" webcourse series, FX master
Tim Martin (The Thing, Jurassic Park 3, AVP) teaches you how to sculpt wearable, latex rubber masks.

Using affordable water-based clay, a handful of sculpting tools, and a headform, Martin takes you step-by-step through his mask making sculpture process.

This is the perfect lesson for beginning your journey towards creating your own custom Halloween masks, scary masks or other fantasy character transformations.


  • Tools, Materials
  • Primary & Secondary Forms
  • Sculpting Ears, Eyes & Eyelids
  • How to Sculpt Teeth
  • Adding Character Details 
  • Wrinkles & Scars
  • The Texture Sponge
  • Preserving your Mask Sculpture

Free Chapter:  Latex Mask Sculpture - Sculpting Teeth & Gums


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