Color blending path and surface preperation

I'm currently painting a paper mask that I purchased and the mask has a canvas style texture to it.  I'd like to coat it with something that would smooth out the texture but I'm not sure what would be a good prep for it.  If possible I'd like to add something as opposed to sanding as that would likely leave it too flimsy to work with. 

secondly I'm working on developing a color mix path that will allow to go from a caucasian flesh tone back to a wood tone.  I'm experimenting currently but if anyone has some mixes that they've used in the past that could shortcut this for me I'd love to hear them.  

My current caucasian mix is 1 part airbrush florescent pink, 2 parts raw umber Acrylic, and 2 parts airbrush 2 white.


  • One option would be to spray multiple coats of primer on the mask, let dry, sand, and repeat until the texture vanishes.  This option may be the least expensive, and should work pretty well.  Personally I would try this one first, and move on to fillers only if needed.

    As the mask is made of paper, you might be able to use a wood filler/putty.  Though if the mask flexes any fillers will be prone to crack.

    Another option is automotive bondo, which would also crack if the mask is flexed.  Though the addition of the bondo may make the mask rigid enough that flexing is not an issue, depending on how thick you go with the bondo.

    All of these options may require sanding, re-application, and more sanding.

    As far as caucasian flesh tones go, I don't have a standard formula as I usually try to match a specific skin tone.    For that I use white, red, yellow, and I have a few tone adjustment colors like olive to shift the hue slightly.

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