prosthetic differences explanation

Hi guys i would like to know the differences in quality and use between the kind of prosthetic
Bondo (pros-aid)  /  gelatin  /  silicon
Thank you


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    Each type of prosthetic has its own pros and cons.

    All 3 materials are translucent, which means they can blend well with the skin, can be intrinsically pigmented with flocking, and look very natural. 

    Pros Aide:
    • Extremely durable.  Great for stunts, when a performer needs to be in water, harsh environments, or long shoot days
    • Super fast to apply
    • Very thin edges that can be dissolved and blended with alcohol 
    • Limited to fairly shallow/flat prosthetics
    • Materials can be somewhat expensive
    • Not as much stretch as silicone

    • Very inexpensive
    • Edges can be dissolved and blended with witch hazel
    • Can be made thicker than pros aide appliances
    • Limited shelf life
    • Not as flexible as foam latex or silicone
    • Sensitive to heat on set
    • Can become delicate, rigid, or melt if used for a long time
    • Not the best option if stunts or physical activity are required

    • Extremely flexible
    • More durable than gelatin
    • Can be made thicker than pros aide appliances
    • Can be produced in a variety of formulas to add strength or add flexibility over a wide range
    • Can be reused in a pinch if removed carefully
    • More difficult to produce, often requiring encapsulation
    • More expensive then gelatin and can be more expensive than pros aide depending on the application
    • Can be a bit heavy if prosthetics are large or thick

    That's just a quick list off the top of my head and based on my own experience.  If anyone else has any additions let me know and I'll modify the list.

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    Thank you thats a huge help! :)
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    Great rundown.. Many thanks Chris
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    i've heard of people foaming/whipping their gelatin as a no-budget substitute for foam.
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    Foamed gelatin starting getting really popular just prior to silicone taking over.  I've not heard of anyone doing it lately (I'm sure there are a few diehards out there!), but it's a very clever way to get light weight and translucency out of a piece.

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