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Hello Watch & Chat students,

This is the forum to ask questions to BJ Guyer.
If you have any question, this is the place to ask!
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    I mainly want to know if you have any ideas for a eye trigger that would be easy to use with 2 arm rods still. I'm thinking attaching one to the trigger pole (trigger for index finger, possibly ring also and would be back forth with no tension) and the other arm rod on  a swivel at the base of the pole so my pinky can move it close and far. Can't do it in the head because it's foam latex and I want to keep a lot of flexibility in the mouth. 

    I found cheap bike cable to be better for this than the push rods you get at hobby shop. I tried a thumb button push trigger and it didn't work well enough. It worked. Just never good enough.
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    Also, I would like to see an example of the pvc trigger that you mentioned clipping onto an arm rod when needed. Thanks.
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