Plat gel 10 tacky surfaced head

Hey guys,

I have painted a set of prosthetics recently, and decided to seal in my paint with some caulk silicone thinned down with D-limonene.
I used the same mix to create a base on a head I had. I sponged the 2 projects the same way.
Both made out of plat gel 10 ,cleaned the same way (fairy liquid+IPA).
The set of prosthetic is fine.The head's been tacky for 3 days.
I have tried spraying a bit of water on top, and even sponged raw silicone on a small corner. No results.

Any thoughts on how to fix it, and why this happened?



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    It may be tacky because it did not fully cure, was inhibited, or contaminated.   Possible causes would be not mixing thoroughly enough, having the ratio off slightly, or contamination from latex products (latex gloves, latex sponges, etc) that can prevent platinum based silicones from curing.

    One option would be to lightly powder the surface with some translucent powder, which should remove the tack.

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks again for your advices and comments. Unfortunatly, the powder in itself wasn't enough. I think it just wasn't curing.
    The only valid thing I could find was residues of fairy liquid on the surface of the head, which would prevent the caulk from curing.

    I wiped my other head with Ipa (Couple of times just to make sure : D ), and it finally cured after a good 48h.

    Just in case someone else has this issue in the future, I have painfully cleaned the first head with white Spirit, and restarted the all process. It seems to be ok now. I'm just glad the paint wasn't on it.

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