Questions for BJ from class


  • BJ, Could you share with us a close up picture of the eyebrow mech so we can see how everything relates to each other please?
  • Hi BJ, what was the type and brand name of the parallel pliers that you showed near the beginning of the class today?
  • Hi BJ- when designing the layout of the eyebrow mech on the mouthplate- do we need to allow a certain amount of room in front of it for the eyeblink? Awesome class today- looking forward to getting on with making my mech!
  • Troy PicouTroy Picou ✭✭✭
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    BJ if you have access to puppets with mechs, would it be possible to bring them and show us in the next class? I would love to see how you use them. Thanks
  • Hi BJ, In the eyebrow mech you demonstrated, are the plastic eyebrow shapes a support to go underneath the fur/fleece/felt being used for the eyebrow or are they the actual eyebrow itself?  Thanks
  • the plastic eyebrow shapes can be used as the actual eyebrow, but i generally glue fur or fleece over it and use it as a base

    if im adding an eyebrow mech to a puppet i will generally ncot have another mech like an eyeblink as well. too much movement complicates the performance and is a bit of an engineering nightmare to figure out where everything goes inside the puppet

    the pliers were Craftsman RoboGrip pliers

    i will try and post some reference pics later today
  • Thanks for the answer to my previous question BJ. New question- You used large and small tubing put together for the eyebrow mech. I only have the small inner tubing at the moment. Is it important to the success of the mech to use the large tubing as well?
  • I single piece of tubing will be fine. I only used 2 because the wire I decided to use was a smaller diameter than the original. I normally only use 1 piece of tubing with the correct inner diameter for the wire. The only thing to remember is to drill your hole in the plywood just slightly smaller then the outer diameter of whatever size tubing you decide to use
  • BJ will you be demonstrating installation of at least one of you mechs and perhaps attachment of eyebrows for example during next class?
  • What is the (modified) due date for the final assignment?
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    Shoot, not sure where my question went :( 
    BJ, here is the eye mech I've been working on. Thinking of adding a hinged double arm rod to it so I can do everything with one puppeteer. Have you worked with anything like that?

  • Hi Peter, please post your work & ask questions on this forum:

    This forum is for workshop students only, so if you can post it again,
    I'll send it to BJ!

    I hope you enjoyed the webcourse.
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