Hellboy prosthetic

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I've been working on this hellboy face appliance for a little by little over the last month and i wanted a second opinion before i make the mold.
this isnt the hellboy from the movies, it's more like the one from the comics.
here a picture and a vine video.

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  • Looking good!

    As far as second opinions go, it's a bit hard to tell from the photo, but have you added finer poor and skin details?  It looks a bit smooth.

    Thanks for sharing your progress.  Can't wait to see how the prosthetic turns out!

  • Close up on the pores
  • texturing looks great. i like the way you made it from the comic book. well done.
  • Nice!  Looks like you're pretty close to done.  I'd add a bit more skin texture on the forehead, around the lips, and some pores on the nose.  Look for shiny/flat areas.  Also check for tool marks or areas where the clay has been nicked.

    That's going to be one great character makeup.

  • I got the mold made and started (trying) to clean it out.

  • Awesome, looks like a solid mold!

  • thank you! although the backing is very sloppy and i still wasted lots of Ultracal, its way better than the last one i made. i can't wait to cast this thing out.

  • First test; in gelatin, i think it came out great.
    i actually dry bonded it on to see how it fit and moved, 
    the mouth is a little problematic but i can cast it separately if i need to. I happy with everything else.
  • First pull looks great!

  • the mouth was finicky so i might cast it separately.
    i picked up some glycerin today, the only thing i'm unsure of is how I'm going to tint the gelatin.
    i wanted the use my own hair for the top knot, side burns and soul patch but i don't think its long enough.
    the ears and gauntlet are still on the sidelines.
    wish me luck  :#
  • Great Work.  I love using Gelatine for testing - It's so inexpensive and versitile for checking before doing the Big Spend.

    Re you original clay work - Is that WED clay?
  • @David Boccabella 
    I'm using oil based; Van aken, clay because my stock is really meant for stop motion, i can make replacements easier and low cost & risk.
    thats the same reason I've gotten into gelatin.
    thanks for the comments and compliments!
  • Reader; Do you think its too early to mix the gelatin for the prosthetics?
  • How long your gelatin pieces last depends on your recipe, and how they are stored.  If you have a good balance of sorbitol and glycerine and low water content they could last for a months or even years (theoretically, according to a leading manufacturer of gelatin prosthetics)  But your milage may vary!

    Just keep it out of direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place.

  • Are you planning to use gelatin as the final form.. or just use gelatin as the tester and then cast in latex/silicone later.

  • @David Boccabella at the rate that things are going,  the gelatin is going to be the final form.
    i have a foam kit but it over a year old, so I'm planning on it being unsuccessful now. 
    This would also be the first time I've ever Cast  in foam latex.
    luckily; its been cold outside all month and i have a good feeling about Halloween this year.
  • @Chris Ellerby  i think in going with 2 parts powder gelatin to 1 part water.
    then 1 part liquid gelatin, 1 part sorbitol and 1 part glycerin.
    and some sort of  pigment, i wont be flocking it.
  • Doesn't even look like gelatin.
    The nose was messed up because I'm always rushing through so much.
    Also the reason its too thick in places 

    i might also be a good idea to take a picture here and there during the day time, lol.

  • Great progress!

  • Should i match the color of the prosthetic to the grease paint i have or use pax paint on my skin?
  • Both options work. I'd just try and keep as little paint/pigment on the gelatin as possible so you keep some of its natural translucency.

  • I am interested what you will use to adhere your lips to the gelatin prosthesis. It may answer another question that has been bothering me for a while re one of my other projects.
  • @David Boccabella  I was going to use prosaid but i had workable results with latex.
    im going to try dry bonding for areas that are important for movement.
  • prosaide would work great.  Tricky spot is always around the mouth, where having a bit of Telesis 5 adhesive helps, but it's rather expensive.

  • Thanks Chris

  • The casting was too thick in areas so I couldn't use it tonight.
    maybe next year.
    thanks @David Boccabella  and @Chris Ellerby for all of the advice and for following along 
  • Looks great with the hair on it.  Sorry you were not able to use it this year.

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    @Chris Ellerby 
    Thanks again.
    maybe i look at one of the airbrush or hair laying tutorials in the interim.
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    @Chris Ellerby 
    Actually; with tutorials on my mind, are there tutoirials about cleaning equipment, like airbrush or other things in general.

    there are a lot of tutorials on the internet that show the process but few that show the preparation and clean up.
  • I agree.. Keeping one's tools in clean and in working order is very essential esp where residue can cause all sorts of issues.
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