Metal look to foam fabricated arms/ armor

I am thinking about making a cosplay of Asura from the game Asura's Wrath.

I figure I could foam fabricate the body, and arms, but the arms are armored.

I don't want to use a closed cell foam for the arms because I want the entire torso to be one piece.

I plan on sealing the fabricated body, and latexing it.

When I paint latex, I use a acrylic/latex mix so the paint bonds well.

Since the arms are silver would that work with silver acrylic paint? Or would the arms look dull/muddy?


  • id make a small sample piece. test a few ideas until you get the result you like then just repeat it on the arms.
  • I will give sampling a shot.

    If there are any techniques that anyone would like to share I would be happy to give them a try.

  • you can also use mod podge
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