Letting people know about your double life?

Hey guys.
(No I 'm no batman..,I know it's disapointing!)

I work in the film industry, mostly in Prosthetics ,and I have gone above and beyond to hide my cosplay side. (Mostly because it involved more costume and armour making, and when discussed, would lead people to ask me with a confused face why, If I liked it, would I not work in costumes all the time, only to be even more confused when I said I liked working both.)

I recently learned some HOD I worked for in the past knew, I was torn between complete panic of never being taken seriously again, and an opportunity to show people I had a wider range of skills I made sure stayed hidden all these years.

Any of you guys experienced the same issue? in which case, how did you deal with it?



  • Hi Adi,

    In my experience the people I've worked with in the industry have always liked that I explore or have knowledge/experience with other creative disciplines outside of what I may be doing on set.  I would not be too worried about them discovering your love of costuming.

    While your job may be prosthetics, your knowledge of other creative fields may help your interactions with other departments.  For example, if you know about costuming you may work better with the wardrobe department because you are more aware of their concerns/needs/etc.

    Many productions (especially smaller productions) like to hire folks that can wear more than one hat, so the more creative tools you have in your toolbox the more value you have to them.

    That said, if you want to keep what you do outside of your day job private, that's totally reasonable as well!

  • Indeed, It allowed me to work both departments several times, and if there's no work in one, I can try and see what's going on in the other and vice versa.

    I guess it's just about if I'd be ready to take the risk.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer Chris.


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