Sketch: the Perfect Soldier

Hello all, have really seen some pretty amazing Robots shared for this contest, over these past couple of days.

So, I sketch most of my ideas whilst in transit from one place to the other, or to fill in some free-time in between jobs (sometimes this happens whilst studying so as to leave visual cues next to important points) - and most of these subjects, tend to be creatures of legend, robots or stylized maidens.

This concepts started off on a bus - forming out the proportions, minor shading, and pose from my mental visual databank. Additional details, motifs and refining of form and shading, happened during some"quiet" waiting time.
This subject follows on my notion to retain a balance between organic forms and artificial elements, and beauty with evil intent.

I can't pinpoint the exact inspiration for this work, especially since no references were used: but am pretty sure that "Class of 1999", "Ghost in the Shell", "I, Robot", any "Terminator" film and much more, have played a major influence on most of my creations: especially this sketch :D

Here it is:
"The Perfect Soldier: Sketch" - 2012
Graphite, Technalo & Grafwood on 170gsm Paper
21 x 14.8 cm

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