Summer robot build

Looking to inspire my nephew's creativity and skills, we set about building an 8ft robot character. 'Rusty' was created from available materials, including; cardboard, plastic tubs, plumbing tube and polystyrene. Old fire extinguishers were used for the lower legs to make a solid base. Paint was a mixture from what we had available.  Inspiration for the design came from the lessons here on SWSchool and the work of Stan Winston Studios, 2000AD and the Iron Giant.

Brother standing next to Rusty for reference only, we didn't build him : )

6.jpg 292.8K
4.jpg 334.4K
5.jpg 314.3K
7.jpg 359.6K
9.jpg 284.5K
10.jpg 56.2K
8.jpg 327.4K
11.jpg 66.7K
14.jpg 26.9K
12.jpg 66.6K
2.jpg 1.4M
3.jpg 1.7M
1.jpg 1.3M
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