Bad to the bone- Robot Gang - Ioan Dumitrescu

Hi guys

When i heard about the new contest i felt the need to make something of my own,  because of the legacy the Terminator represents and how it set a landmark alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger's interpretation, of what bad ass can be.
From movies since the 40- 50s to current days, the bad boys always wore leather jackets  and always in groups. Terminator with its alpha position had to surpass the status quo and be alone but its birthplace is basically within a motorcycle gang. 
So i wanted to portray the feeling of bad ass but with a twist..slick, smart but very dangerous robots.
Having the honour to participate and win on the first Terminator contest 4 years ago ( https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/73/9a/1b/739a1b2ec299fda64811d170555bde88.jpg) its been my pleasure to get back.

Along with the bad there is always the good...

Thank you for viewing! Hope you guys like it

For more of my work check out my website www.ioandumitrescu.com


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