Alex Negrea Terminator Redesign

Hi everyone!

I was excited about this contest from the moment i found out about it.
I want to congratulate everyone for their great entries posted so far.

I am a 2d artist by default ( but recently i started learning 3d and my weapon of choice was blender. This was my first serious project in 3d and it had a great learning curve, so thank you again for this challenge, I wouldnt have started this project without it.
Everything was modeled from scratch and it took me @10 days. Once i finished the modeling part i have rendered a few passes with blender's cycles engine then composite everything in photoshop
Regarding the topic, i had an idea from the beginning to recreate/reinterpret somehow that minigun scene from t2.
The design was done in mind with the classic terminator but i had other influences too from other games and movies. I wanted to do a metal structure on the inside and on the outside organic and semitransparent looking armor.

Good luck to everyone!


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