Captain of the Bore clan. From a universe called "Starstan". 
Zen-Bore is an from a huge planet in the StarStan universe, Blue Earth. He was created by machines and the DNA of the Bore clan. A very brave and powerful individual that has severed many years in battle. The spikes in the right side of his chest show the metals of honour he has earned. No other of his kind have earned more than two honours. 

I signed and created this character after watching the film "Paul". (A movie about an alien that crash laded on Earth).
I began sculpting a basic head and neck with "W.E.D" clay and then thought to myself about the competition. 
I desiced to see if the idea in my head would work if i could make an alien with a robot body and if it would work id enter it.
i simply used tooth pick,straws and an old wire to make the horns,tubes and insiders of the body.  

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