Question about making a Foam Latex Oven

Hi folks, 

Just a quick question on homemade foam ovens. Would it be possible to use heating elements from toaster ovens in a foam oven build? 

I ask as, for all the how to guides I've seen, none seem to discuss what electrical parts to use in the oven just "we installed the electrical parts in (insert time frame)"

Obviously would need a couple of fans to circulate the air inside, but any other pointers?




  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Hi Stephen,

    You can use anything from toaster ovens, electric ranges, or even heat guns to make a homemade foam oven.  

    Here are some quick tips:  Keep it well insulated so the heat does not dissipate.  Line the inside with reflective heat-resistant material so the heat bounces around, a fan to circulate the air is a big help, monitor the temperature with a thermometer to make sure you don't over cook or under cook your foam, when you first build it, check the temperature in a few locations to watch for hot/cold spots, always keep a fire extinguisher next to it, and never leave it unattended.

    Also keep in mind that the size/distribution/number of molds you place in an oven can impact its performance.

    Here's a quick video of a homemade build:

    Here is another DIY example:

    Foam running guide:

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks for the pointers Chris, will check all this out and let you know how it goes!

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