The Eater of Children (meets his match)

I think he overestimated his chances for dinner... 


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    Original sketch line-art

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    Mikey MarchMikey March ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    This is a nicely colored piece, but feels lacking a solid depth of field by exhibiting uniform values and therefor rendering itself flat. I find the creature's stance to be off balance and "unnatural" primarily because of the tight cropping which I'm not sure was done because there are simply no legs drawn by choice or you ran out of paper. What's bringing me out of the scene is pondering what is keeping this character from falling backwards and because the girl is so close, any feeling of dread or fear is completely sucked out- like there is no internal rumination or a necessity to build courage. She reads as a seasoned monster killer and creates a sort of mundane monster-slaying "no bigs, I got this" (which if she is one, having a custom crafted weapon would almost be required). I think hinting an old western style shootout format would be more appropriate, like the scene could go either way. 
    Just a few thoughts, best of luck!

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