Micro zombies 32 mm

Lighter for scale. also part of a 14 piece set I was commissioned to do for a board game releasing next spring


  • John, how thee hell did you sculpt that sooo small? lol. 
  • tiny...tiny tools made from tattoo needle bars :). And some x3.0 mag reading glasses..lol
  • Daniel said my thoughts pretty well there. :) I can't sculpt that small without breaking out in the shakes.
  • Its funny you say that Mike, I look at what you and others do and shake my head...so massive compared to the scales I work in. Not sure I could do the scale you guys do,
  • These are super cool! I was wondering if you would mind posting some pictures of the tools that you use to get detail this small. You mentioned that they are made from tattoo needle bars. Did you make them yourself?
  • I prefer the bigger scales because it's easier for me to get my head around, probably just as it is for you on the smaller scale. :) 
  • I'm going to try some larger scale stuff once I get my new studio set up. And yes, I'll post pics of the tools I use this afternoon :)
  • incredible detail, welldone
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