jurassic park original t-rex leg prop??

Hello devoted JP fans! i have stumbled across something quite astonishing and have taken a gamble on it as its just too cool to miss out on! what I have in my possession is what has been advertised as an original T Rex leg (8 foot 6 inches tall roughly) it looks absolutely incredible and i cannot see that it could be anything else other than one of the original legs from the first movie! however there isn't a great deal of proof at this minute if it is or not as in certification etc. I know stan winston school built the original T REX so thought this would be a good place to start and see if i can track down proof of this being or not being the real thing. the story has it that this leg was imported to england long ago with a military vehicle being restored, whatever the case its astonishing and i am so lucky to have it! now i just need help getting proof that it is the real deal! anyhelp would be great on this! please contact joelsquires@hotmail.co.uk and also reply on here! here is the url for the video posted by jurassic collectibles on youtube below! 

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