F.I.D.O.: A State-of-the ARF Robodog

Hello! Once again, I am Roderick "Odick" Banares from the Philippines. For my second entry in the contest, I want to share a remote controllable robot dog I named F.I.D.O.. It stands for Friendly Interactive Doggy-like Organism. I made it for a Kid's play area in one of our malls here and it was intended as a roving mascot for the play zone. Remotely controlled by a puppeteer,FIDO could transform a little depending on what the controller wishes to do. The dog could assume the sitting position and move slowly so as not to scare the kids. While doing this, the puppeteer could wag its tail and talk to the kids with arfs and woofs. For faster travel, FIDO could assume the car position by moving its front paws forward and the rear legs backward. FIDO could move its head up or down and turn it left or right.It can move both ears and wag its tail. The puppeteer could doggie talk with the kids using a wireless mike and a speaker system on the robodog. The LED eyes could mechanically open, close and blink. On some occasions, the play area owners would want to give complimentary tickets to their customers so I made the tickets come out of FIDO through a slot on the mouth. A bone at the back is a later addition. It is where brochures and flyers pop out during events. Over-all, it took 12 servomotors,6 DC gearmotors, two remote control transmitters and receivers, two sealed lead acid batteries and a 12 vdc kid's car motor drive to make this work. =)


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