Post Apocalyptic Power Arm

Here are a few pictures of a power arm I made.
I used a couple of old yoga mats and a work glove, glued them together with hot glue then coated with latex and painted.
very cheap project! 


  • This is very well made. It looks very sturdy.

    You used latex to seal the foam?

    Did the silver paint chip/flake off? Or did it stay on for the most part?

  • Hi jared,
    yeah it was sealed with latex, painted on several coats of coloured latex to build up the basic colour scheme, then a few washes of dark acrylic for the recessed areas and dry brushed the metallic scratches, it's  pretty durable. If I had lots of parts that rubbed together it would eventually start to deteriorate. The silver paint is enamel and it's stayed on fine :)
  • chrischris ✭✭
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    If I painted a whole coat of acrylic or enamel it would flake and crack so I try to only drybrush the metallic colours on when I'm working like this. Plus when it's meant to look old and battered you can get away with using less metallic paints and it looks better I think.
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    If you were to seal it with Through the roof it would keep the latex from wearing down and make it last longer.  Might add a bit of a shine but I don't think that would hurt the metallic look at all.
  • I've been seeing a lot of foam armor builders and cosplayers using Plasti Dip (in 3-4 coats) to seal their projects.  It seems to work really well, create a nice surface for painting, and hold up well to abuse.

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