Best clay for maquettes?

I'm going to be making a series of maquettes at ~1/6 scale, with the purpose of molding/casting them in resin. I want to be able to capture a lot of detail in them, but want to be able to clean it out of the mold easily as well. What do folks think I should use? Chavant Medium, WED, or some other clay? 


  • I'm certainly not the foremost expert here but I would suggest the book Pop Sculpture. In they they suggest a clay based material for first work then casting that and doing final details in wax.  If I may ask, why 1:6? is this for an articualted 1:6 figure or simple a statute in 1:6? 
  • Just seems like a good scale to work in. I don't like working super small. :) 

    I'll check the book out! Thanks!
  • I'll second the book Pop Sculpture.  It goes very in-depth into the process.  If you follow that, you'll do your first sculpt in clay and then a second in wax.  If you were going to skip the intermediate steps, I'd say sculpt in Chavant NSP Medium.  It holds tight detail and you can get a good cast from that.


  • I will def check the book out. :)
  • Bought the book Pop Sculpture today. I haven't read it yet, but I thumbed through it for awhile. Exactly what I was looking for. Great recommendation. Thanks guys!
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