Terminator: Resistance (no budget fan film)

This film was made with the generosity of others and a couple of to be film makers hard at work. My name is John Riddle and I wrote, directed and created the live action props for this short. Hope you enjoy!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGIlh8cxpBM


  • Im not sure if this would be considered original, but all the props/robots where made in my garage with cardboard, pvc, LEDs and several types of foam
  • Nicely done John!

  • Thanks! Everyone had a blast working on it
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    Also this short film helped me get a few contacts in pinewoods studios atl... currently developing a tv show i pitched. Ive wanted to make films since i was a child. Stan Winston has defiantly left his stamp on my heart and i hope to carry out my dreams he has influenced me to have. 
  • This is definitely the best fan film I have ever seen. What software did you use for the Sfx?
  • It was premier and after effects.
  • ...also thanks for your kind words. We watched several terminator fan films and determined that time travel and the  arnold character were areas to stay away from. I wanted the future war setting so no need for time travel...yet... and having some guy in a leather jacket is not the same as having arnold so i thought why not have the actual terminator
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