Cuervonator: Bottle Across Time

Hi guys. I'm Odick from the Philippines. I do some SFX for our local movies and commercial ads. Years ago, when the Terminator movies hit the cinemas Arnold Schwarzenegger became a household name here in the Philippines. As a recycling artist and a Terminator fan, I thought of making a golden version of my robot using my Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila bottles as base for the artwork. Using a large bottle and three smaller ones, I filled them up with colored water to mock up the golden color of the original contents. I built up the armor body parts using modelling clay. I molded them in silicon then cast the parts using dental acrylic powder. For some other parts, I used a mixed media of materials like styrene,rubber sheets,metal wires and plastic strips which I manually cut and form to shape.With a few knowledge in electrical and mechanical design, I added a few extra gimmicks to my robot. The black rods under the forearms are connected to some motors underneath to make the arms move a little. I attached strings on the lower jaw then connected the other end to a solenoid and a sound sensor. On a small voice recorder, I recorded the famous" Hasta la vista, baby. I'll be back" using my own Terminator voice ;).When the audio begins to play, the jaw moves in synch  with it. As a Terminator "pun", I titled my artwork- "CUERVONATOR: Bottle Across Time". o:)

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