Robot Eye Mech

Hi guys my name is Johnny from Ireland and im an sfx artist and modelmaker. Terminator 2 is why i do what i do. Without that film i dont know what id be doing. I love it.....
Anyway this is an ongoing project that im just starting but since its a robot art contest i said id put up some robotics....
This is an animatronic eye mechanism im building with up down/ side to side movement and blink. It will eventually go into a head with a variety of other movements etc but there's no way id get all that down in the next week to show so here's the eye mech. Hope you like.

And some videos of it moving:

Thanks for looking


  • Very cool!   Do you have independent control off the upper and lower lids, or are they tied together?

  • Thanks. No they are tied together but it will have eyelid tracking.  
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