Mecha Lucifer

Six in a series of eight. Sculpt is finished. I have yet to mold and fabricate this one, but I have about 60 hours of sculpting time into it and it's a local favorite


  • Wondering why my views are exponentially lower than everyone else's. 
  • This post is still quite new, getting views takes time.  Some entrants also post links to their work on social media, which will drive more traffic to their post.  Also, some post headlines just attract more clicks than others.   Your sculpt is awesome, so more views will come in time!

  • Indeed there , I'm still yet to post mine and feel the same will happen, lol. Just keep going. Very interesting design. seems to be a Japanese Tokusatsu stylish influence going on in some recent scuplt. A resurgence maybe?
  • It does have that nice Samurai mask feeling to it.

    The mixture of smooth organic and hard edged mechanical features reminds me a bit of this green goblin mask design:

  • Thanks guys! I'm flattered. 
  • Nice, Very in your face there. The green really jumps out, the eyes sharp angles. the expression just nice design all around on the Green Goblin. Is that a replica or variation on the movie version?
  • I was wondering that myself. I've never seen it before. Really cool. 
  • The Green Goblin mask was from the 2002 Spider Man movie. Worn by Willem Dafoe.   Some aspects of Corey's design reminded me of it.  

  • Sweet, that was the actual proper name "hero" mask used on set or at least one of?
    I'm such a hopeless fanboy for that stuff.
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