King of Usonia

Fabricated in fiberglass. Hand painted by myself. First sculpted in plasticene and then molded with Brush-on 40. This is the first in a series of eight. 


  • Come on, guys. View my masks
  • A bit different feel here nonetheless nice touch. The solid angles and the visor actually caught my attention first. The glyphs seem mechanical Kanji-sh? the metal and color scheme has a slight Ultraman feel. I like the way it comes together.
  • Thank you Ian. The writing on his forehead is from an alphabet I created. A bunch of different influences came together in this. 
  • More people should admire the King. 
  • Love this mask. How did you get the effect on his eyes or visor? Kind of looks like a reflection of scenery passing by really fast.
  • I just painted it by hand with really tiny brushes. I wanted it to be unusual and up for interpretation. Just came out of my head and I stopped when it felt right
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