Rubber cement

If you live close to a tandy leather, they are discontinuing their large can of rubber cement (8 oz I believe). I'm sure they will go a little lower than the sale price if you ask nicely. 


  • Nice.  How does their brand compare to Barge?

  • I didn't know Barge had a rubber cement? 
  • Technically Barge is not a rubber cement, as it's not intended to be a temporary bond.  It's a contact adhesive, but works great on leather.  That's why I'm curious how Tandy's product compares.

  • Compared to Tandy's contact cement, I prefer Barge. I would like to put DAP, Barge, and Masters head to head, see how it goes. Tandy's mark up is kinda ridiculous.  Tandy's rubber cement is for thinning and painting? I haven't personally tried it yet, but I've heard about it through out the videos.  
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