Robots(mech) Design/Art

Some robot concept arts / Design i did in the past, hope you like them. tell me what do you think XD


  • cool stuff. nice renderings. cool concept presentation

  • thanks a lot man! 
  • I guess i should say my first impression is "Kosh" Ambassador Kosh?
    in Hot Rod Red? Seems some interesting stylized versions reminiscent of B5. Quite nice and well done.
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    haha, i didn't even know what "Kosh" Ambassador Kosh is untill i google it, its pretty cool tho, anyway, thanks for the comment! 
  • No prob.  He is one of the Elder first Race species from Babylon 5 series. Yours seems to be a more slimmer styled "Encounter Suit" as B5 called it. Basically an EVA suit as NASA might call it. Fully contained system Never saw them out of it except once. I do like that design. Seeing it again I'm curious if it could be Cosplayed somehow to any extent. BTW the other quadraped variant is similar to the Opposing forces another Elder First Race. Humorously enuff i noticed they both were at war behind the scenes of humanity and other races but still from a 3rd party viewpoint acting like disagreeing parents with the other races namely human etc. as the children. Love that series.
  • sounds cool.
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