My take on Billy Butcherson from the movie Hocus Pocus

For my final year in college I decided to revisit my favourite childhood movie, I hope I done it justice.  
This was my first time casting and sculpting and drawing my design which was terrifying.  I made so many mistakes!!!
It all started off with sculpting the Billy face excluding the lower lip because when I made my very first cast of my actors face I applied too much alginate that it weighed his face down pulling lip down giving my cast a petted lip.  I added sculpt gel to the lower lip on the day of my photo shoot.
When I cast my actors hands I didn't have his hands flat, they were in a natural position, so when it came to sculpting onto the hand was great but casting them impossible so I had to improvise.  I tried putting layers of liquid latex onto the sculpted hands giving me a liquid latex mould (I didn't have anymore money, alginate or time with my actor to cast his hands again properly).  I then put a layer of vaseline onto the latex moulds and had to dry each layer and each finger separately with a hair dryer it was a looooong process, separating the moulds from the actual latex half gloves I was 'trying' to make was really tough!!   I have definitely learned from my mistakes. 
There was also making the spellbook inside and out, getting a coffin fit for a 6ft2 model (which is upright in my living room as a make-up cupboard lol) designing the set and painting a 6ft x 5ft background for the college display night.  But that's another story! lol
I hope you like what you see and I welcome all critiques good or bad!!
Thank you kindly for taking the time to have a look!
Lee :D


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