My First Attempt

Hi Folks.
A friend Glen wanted to make a costume so it was the perfect opportunity to make and photograph the progress of a Dummy.

Here are some progress picks. I am about to fill with foam so that will be a second set of picts.

I am using the wrapping that you can get from packing supplies. Don;t Use Kitchen Style wrap. It's too lightweight and tears. Also it does not stick to itself well.

All wrapped up and ready for taping.

Taped. Sorry I did not get pictures of this as I was working by myself. Now things I found.. Get a decent heavy duty masking tape. You will only need 3 layers rather than the 5.
Also I found that slow overlapping spirals work great in giving strenght and support down the arms and legs.

Side View.. Skinny Bugger is'nt he.  Atleast I won't need much foam :D

Doing the top was easier when he sat down.  I did this in my lounge where Glen could watch movies. Also nice distraction for me in the back ground.
I had a lot of trouble with the shoulders and armpits.

Front View

About 2 layers of tape here.. One to go.

Finally - release.  As Glen was so thin and I used my body suit on him I ended up cutting the arms of the fabric. Glen was ok but naturally nervous. Yes I DID use the proper bandage scissors.  I learnt that from when I made a Duct Tape dummt years back and the 'victim' still has the scars.

Ready for foam.

Bottom Filled

Top Filled

I'm of twp minds what to do next.  Previous experiments when removing the tape showed that the plastic wrapping had come apart and become embedded into the foam - thus ruing the look and requiring major surgery.,

Or shall I leave the tape on and let it stay this way. I can still cut it apart for dis assembly if needed :)
Enjoy my exploits


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