Kathakali based robots

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Hi all!

Here are a few bots I want to enter in this contest.They are all part of a robot series I'm working on called 'Deus'.
The designs are based on the Indian dance form 'kathakali' where the artistes dress in elaborate costumes and perform various stories from Indian mythology.
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  • Beautiful pieces man.
  • Very neat, very exceptional work. They seem like should be in a movie.
  • Thanks guys!
  • beautiful. How are they done? Are these 3D renders?
  • Thanks!
    The first two have a base zbrush model,with a lot of paintover in photoshop.The last one is drawn entirely in photoshop.
  • I loved it!
  • Nice great idea. I like the inspiration. I can see a lot of iteration for that form. Even with the multi-color scheme it seems to get your attention.
  • Thanks!There are a whole plethora of characters to draw from in Kathakali.There are even 'character classes' so to speak,where certain colors signify good and evil.Its a lot of fun to draw inspiration from,and create robots from that.:)
  • Yeah that is true with the color connotations. It seems to factor in rather naturally with a lot of the Tokusatsu and or Anime characters, hehe. You can tell inside info by noticing little details such as colors, style etc.. of the character portrayed. Great idea.
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