Robots: Design to fabrication

Hey guys, my name is Chris Hamburger and I'm a freelance sculptor in the entertainment industry (or trying to be...). Hard surface sculpting is my passion, so as soon as I saw this contest I knew I had to enter. Each one of the three following were fully designed, hand-sculpted, molded, cast, fabricated, and painted by me. Like I said, I reeeeaaaallly love this kind of stuff.

The first design is a helmet piece for a proof of concept a friend of mine is making. He wanted the design to be very reminiscent of "The Iron Giant". I was very happy to oblige.

The second and third pieces are also designs of my own that I made (from clay to resin) to, honestly, just make. Idle hands accomplish nothing...

Love robots. Love, love, love 'em. Fingers crossed about the contest, but if I don't win, then I hope, at least, someone is inspired by what they see, take to the grind stone and start making something of their own.

Rock on amigos!


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