Vetting Supply Lists vs. What the Supply Partner Can Actually Provide (Metallic Painting Techniques)

Hopefully this is only a problem with the one web course, but based on the experience I just had getting some of the items from Rob Ramsdell's Metallic Painting Techniques, I'm wary of picking up any further supplies via the official supply site.  The supply lists, vs. partner supply, needs some serious vetting.  I didn't order all of the items for the course, but a few select things that I really wanted, and couldn't find anywhere.  Looks like a lot of it just isn't available, but that's definitely not clear when ordering stuff.

Things I learned:

Email to the supplier isn't responded to.  Call them.

Dynatron Sandable Primer & Surfacer -- Apparently no longer available.  I received Bondo Easy Finish primer instead.  Not a huge deal, as I believe 3M bought Dynatron, and this is the result.  Jamie Grove uses that in his web course, so obviously a suitable alternative.  But the order form should reflect that.

Evercoat Bondo (aka Polyester Glazing Putty) -- I received "Bondo" brand bondo, not the Evercoat as shown in the video, and named on the order form.  This was highly disappointing . . . I can buy "Bondo" at Home Depot, etc.  Evercoat *is* available.

Sureguard Matte Special 931 -- Also apparently no longer available.  I was at least told, over the phone, this would be replaced with something else, at a cheaper price.  However, the replacement (Rust-Oleum Matte Clear Enamel) is most definitely not the same thing, and also readily available at Home Depot, et. al.

Alclad Lacquer (Chrome) Metalizer -- I did get this, as advertised, and that's awesome; it's great stuff.

The overall ordering experience left quite a bit to be desired, and took forever to ship (2 weeks).  I found, after contacting them via phone, that it was due to not having the Primer in stock, but the delay should have been relayed.  To top it all off, I didn't receive as many cans of the primer as I ordered . . . still trying to get that worked out.

Sorry, feels like I'm venting a bit (and I guess I am), but I really just wanted to surface the issue here, in case it is an overall problem with the web courses.  I absolutely LOVE the content of the courses, they've been amazing; I hate to see them tarnished then by inability to actually receive some of the course materials, due to issues with the what the materials list shows, and what the partner can actually provide.  They should be updated, as appropriate.  Not bashing 3DMakeupFX, as some of this is clearly out of their control (and they've been friendly, and helpful over the phone), but there are some clear disconnects in the chain here.


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    Hi Will,

    Sorry to hear about your difficulty obtaining all the right materials.  One of the challenges in this industry is that we depend on a lot of materials/chemicals/brands that are subject to formula changes, brands being sold/merged/renamed, and products being discontinued or replaced.

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can't find a material or need to source an alternative, please feel free to post here in the forums.  With most materials there are a few alternatives that may be available depending on your location.

    I'll pass your notes along to the team and see if we can get the materials list for that lesson updated!

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Sadly it's not just this industry. Almost any industry that puts out a parts list for projects will have people struggling to find the right product/chip set/firmware etc.
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    Has a good alternative for the Sureguard Matte Special 931 been found and tried?
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