Maquette Painting with nsp chavant medium

I am watching the tutorial but i can't get the nsp chavant medium clay to harden as well as your model. Is there a preparation need to be done before you can start painting the maquette?


  • The finished Jordu Sculpt is not hard it is very fragile.. What problem are you having? are you leaving marks?
  • yea. its hard for me to keep it at a perfect smooth finish like any simple touch would defect it
  • Yah, you have to be very delicate painting clay. Chavant becomes hard as a rock at colder temps. Do you have a way to cool it a bit? Like a basement for an hour or so or anything like that? That should help.
  • i might try that way. I guess its because i'm used to acrylic paint style so i'm quite forceful with the strokes. 
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