Jurassic Party Thank You!!!!

What a great night! Living in Germany and due to that little thing called timezones on our beautiful planet I had to kept myself awake for 22 hours, just to be with you and having a good time. Thanks to the help of Yukako I was able to watch the stream with just a little delay caused by some legal restriction problems, but it was worth every single second.
I´m totally amazed how excited, proud and full of joy each and every one of the big Jurassic Family still talks about these wonderful movies and how delightfully they share their stories.

Matt - you really seem to eat, sleep and breath the legacy of your exceptional visionary father and it was a pure joy to have you as our host for the night.

I really wish to become a part of this myself, whenever I watch behind the scenes footage, because you guys and gals are truly inspirational and motivating!

As a 33 year old Jurassic Park fan from the beginning, I just can give you the BIGGEST THANK YOU for this huge Jurassic Party!

All the best to every single one of you!

Your fan

PS: Now I´m awake for nearly 29 hours - 'should go to bed.

nanana nana nanana nana nanananaa naa naa naaaaaa


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    Glad you enjoyed the Jurassic Party!  

    Sleep well, you've earned it!

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