Types of Clingwrap to use.

Hi Folks. I did a test try of making my own dummy. I'll put up pictures of version 2.

What I found was Don't use kitchen style clingwrap. 

1. It's too flimsy
2. It does not easily bond to itself. Moisture etc will cause it to unstick and that includes sweat.
3. After the layer is cut from the human the clingwrap will start to delaminate and will get embedded into the expanding foam.

The best stuff to use is  Bundling Film for Packing Distributers. Also known as Pallette Wrap. You can get it in 100mm x 250m rolls for about $5. It's much tougher and it also sticks to itself better - which means that it will not start to delaminate into your expanding foam.

I will try again this weekend if I can trap someone with the line "I want you to wrap me in plastic and masking tape.. And then stuff me full of expanding foam!!!"  :):)

Take Care

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