Alien bust

I thought I would share my sculpy alien bust.
It turned in to a brother of the alien in Casey Loves excellent tutorials. I should have measured the oven before I started though. It almost did not fit in there!
It is all hardened now and next step would be painting it.
Not yet decided what colour it should be. I am thinking green at the moment.



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    That is a very decent job Mathias! I like the wrinkles, and where did you get those eyes??
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    Thanks Daniel
    The eyes are from an old stuffed blackbird that had seen better days. It is a kind of kit bashing...
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    that's really cool, it looks like it could actually be alive, the use of the taxidermy eyes was a stoke of genius. looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with the colour scheme.
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    nice bust, welldone!
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