*** Dino Art Contest Winner Announcement ***

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Congratulations to the Dino Art Contest winner Trent Taft and his submission "Blue Raptor"

An art contest 65 million years in the making has finally come to an end. Choosing a favorite dinosaur was nearly impossible with so much incredible art to choose from, ranging from digital illustrations to full-size dino costumes. But in the end, the Grand Prize goes to...

Trent Taft for his BLUE RAPTOR sculpture!

Trent, you brought together sculpting, mold making, casting and painting to create an original twist on everyone's favorite pack-hunting dinosaur.

If JURASSIC PARK's founder John Hammond were here to see it, he would have "spared no expense" to create a real one!

Thanks again to all of you who participated. Long live dinosaurs!

-Team Stan Winston School


Click for more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/1563/wall-mounted-blue-raptor-sculpture

Please join us in congratulating Trent on winning the Grand Prize!


Gabriel Diaz Yanten - Gorgosaurus Costume

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Joshua Wu - Raptor Hybrid

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Galileo Hernandez - T-Rex Hand Puppet

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Daniel Lopez - Velociraptor in Pencil

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Gabriel Hansen - Indominus Rex Hatchling

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Julien Dumont - When Animatronics Ruled Hollywood DIORAMA

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Marcos Rocha - T-Rex Heads (1:1)

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Kessiah Arthur - Indominus Rex

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Ashley Schultz - The Best of Jurassic Park

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Britton Goro - Full-size Velociraptor suit sculpt

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Shane Foulkes - Life-size Psittacosaurus model "The Quilled Fellow”

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Kenny De Paepe - JP3 Raptor Sculpt

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Yvonne Cox - Triceratops hybrid make-up (Triceraqueen)

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  • Congratulations to the winner and all the runners up! Awesome work everyone.
  • Congrats to the winner. Specially for the tooth.  ;) 

  • great job!

  • Excellent choice for the winner ! A raptor exceptional . I'm really happy for him . Great job . Congratulations to all the staff of the Stan Winston School , thanks for your work . :) 
  • Trent Taft Compliments for your winning! Thanks to Stan Winston staff for this opportunity again! Always a lot of fun and an opportunity to learn! Great works on the top 14th as well!
  • Congratulations Trent Taft for winning! And the biggest thank you to the Stan Winston School for picking my drawing as one of the top 14, truly honoured! Love all your tutorials and am a huge fan of all of your work!
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