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Hi Ron, please post the process of your homework on this page!


  • Hi John/Yukako,
    Everything has been going pretty smooth, It feels like Christmas at my house with all the deliveries coming in this week for this project lol.

    I think I would have liked to play around a bit more with the sculpt but because of time constraints I had to keep moving. I forgot to snap a pic of the final sculpt but any feed back on the sculpt pics I have would be greatly appreciated for the future. 

    I just set up my final silicone molds at 11pm and ran them though the vacuum pump twice as you did. I am concerned about my final silicone mold... it did not seem to rise like yours did in the video. I think the pump I received might have been too weak. I hope it works out or I will not have enough time to remold.

    I do not think my delivery for the stains will be here on time... what recommendations do you have other than acrylic stains? Could regular acrylic or enamel work? and what would change in the process (sealing etc.)?

    Please see progress pics below... 

    Thanks for your help :)

  • Hello there,
    Relatively new here to SWS page. I have rabidly watching and reading comments. I can't say enuff appreciation. Having said that the Dental "contraption" holder if i may. what is it called exactly, I can't say i have seen that particular style. The SWS DVD and others i have seen show something more like hinges. This looks like a stylized clamp of sorts. Maybe less expensive, easier to use? Appreciate any responses.
    Again thanks for simply everything here.
  • Hi Ian
    Its called a dental articulator. I paid about 15 dollars online for it. Hope that helps
  • Some more progress pics... I need some coffee 
  • When prying my appliance from the mold I tore it in half... but nothing a little crazy glue couldn't handle. 

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    I had a couple of issues with deliveries so I was unable to paint these with the proper stains. The paint job needs a lot of work. I plan on going back and creating a new set from scratch. My reference photos for this set was from a Trex. I wanted to have uppers and lowers but there was not enough time so Uppers for now.

    The colors in these photos are much more vibrant and pinker than the originals
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    My wife really -lost- herself when she tried them on... Help!

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  • Hi John and Matt,
    I wanted to thank you both for this opportunity you have provided. It has brought back the excitement of creativity that has been missing in me for a long time. I hope to be seeing you in another class soon!

  • Awesome Ron!! Love the final shot!!! The contrast between the mouth and the skin is awesome!

    What paint did you use for colouring the teeth? I too couldn't get the acrylic stains. What did you use to lacquer them?
  • Thanks :) ... 
    I tried regular acrylic, but that did not work out too well. In the end I used thinned enamel. Im not too sure how bad that stuff is but she only had them in for the final shot...  her saliva was the lacquer lol.
  • Awesome. Thinking on the fly. I love it. I Like the natural saliva effect. I felt that mine were too shiny because I used nail polish. That's why I was curious.
  • outstanding,, looks great reminds me of the dagon mermaid.
  • I finally had time on Sunday the day after my sons graduation party (homework due day) to finish a full set of chompers (upper and lowers) so I thought I would post them.
    I was so unhappy with the original paint job that I went out and bought some acrylic washes and thought I'd strip the last paint job and give it another go. Could still be better with the right stains, but i think i like the look of these much better. What do you think?

  • I do think the paint job seems better, more contrast. The lowers really add to the effect. Could your wife talk easily?
  • I do think the paint job seems better, more contrast. The lowers really add to the effect. Could your wife talk easily?
  • She can talk but she has a slight lisp
  • Thank you for answering Ron.  :)
  • Hey,

    Thanks for the name on that Dental Articulator. I could probably brush up on Dental Vocabulary a bit.
    Also about the "lisp" you mentioned when speaking. If i recall hearing someone mention the lisp can generally be dealt with to varying degrees by trimming "Plate"? Sorry if technical verbage is faulty my memory is getting jogged from all this fun. But you probably know the added material tends to effect the way we speak and pronounce phonemes for various reasons. Saying that, if it's not a trim issues i would appreciate knowing if you have are know how to remedy the issue of speech impediment to any extent.
    Thanks again hope to see many more ideas.
  • I haven't  tried yet but I plan on going back in and using the dremel to make the back of the teeth sculpt as this as possible. I will see how that works out.
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