Homework - Travis Dunn

Hi Travis, please post the process of your homework on this page!


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    Rough sculpt; any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Rosanna WellsRosanna Wells ✭✭
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    Hey Travis. 

    Looking good. I thought about making teeth that were to large for human anatomy. It wouldn't be easy.

    Are you planing on making a gum line? The bottom left between the front left and the tooth where the K9 is, looks a little thin at this angle, although it could just be the image. And maybe it's not visible in the wearers mouth anyway. The teeth look like they fit together nicely. I love the 'cartoon' type sizing. It looks like fun!

    I can't wait to see what this looks like in the mouth. Groot is one of my favourite characters. It's hard to sculpt wood. Well done. 
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    Hi Rosanna,

    I did add a gum line just last night, not sure what kind of color scheme I'm going to use for painting them. Maybe a greenish brown.

    I debated the width of the tooth that you pointed out. I don't think it will be visible for the most part and I was afraid to go back too far in the mouth with teeth as big as these.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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    Awesome Travis. 

    I can't wait to see them. I see your dilemma. I think yours will be more comfortable to wear than mine because they are so thin. 

    Will you tint the acrylic to make your colour? Or will you be painting over the original colour?
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    I wouldn't mind tinting the acrylic but I've never done that before. Could I just use acrylic inks as tints?
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    cool. id go with the inner lighter ring colors so they show up against the mouth shadows
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    These look great! I had to go watch the movie after seeing your sculpt. I thought you mentioned you were going as Groot for Halloween... I would love to see your whole costume when its done!
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    Had some setbacks but finally finished. I used Vaseline as a mold release; I don't recommend it. It took a llooonnngg time to get all the unwanted dental acrylic off the PETG plastic. I'm uploading more process pics and final pics of the painted teeth.

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    That's so much fun Travis!

    I'm with Ron, I really want to see your halloween costume complete.  

    Did you get a good registration with your vacuum form piece so the teeth stayed in place easily? I like the brown over the white acrylic, but you could tint the acrylic with pigment powders. It would take some experimentation though. 

    Well done! I have to watch the movie now! :smiley: 
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    Very cool, Did you use stains for the green? 
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    I used acrylic inks and alcohol to color the teeth and gums. It seemed to work pretty well even with the time crunch. I finished painting and sealing them about an hour before I took the final pictures.

    Rosie, I had a little trouble getting the bottom set of teeth snug, they didn't seem to have the snap fit like the top. Maybe John can give us some pointers on what to do about that.

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    nice work!
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    Thanks Travis for answering my question. I actually answered your question about my vacuum form machine in my homework thread, but I had the same problem with the lack of the snap fit. 

    My mum swears by denture glue, but I haven't tried it yet for this purpose.
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