Homework - Joshua Skirbunt

Joshua, please post & report the homework on this page!


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    OK, here is all my work for the teeth
    The casting in green stone

    Sculpture phase

    There were some holes in the casting, instead of running another casting I used extra thick Cyano to fill in some gaps quickly

    Bottoms painted

     Tops painted

    Teeth in place.

    I kind of ran out of funds to do this exactly as John taught. I had no degasser, no pressure pot, no pink acrylic, my dental sheets were ultimately too soft (the supplier I bought them from thought he had splint, but gave me soft, and didn't even carry splint,) and I had no tooth stain, BUT, I worked with what I had to try and get something good out of it! I hope you like it!

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    Fantastic! with out all of that and they still look great! I almost didn't recognize you :smile: 

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    They turned out nice, Josh, I really like your sculpt. What did you end up using to paint?
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    nice job, even with the obstacles .
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    Thanks Ron!
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    Travis, you're not gonna believe this, but, I used gouache... I used a technique I've used before with water based paints where I would lay some down and let it dry for a minute or two and then wipe it off, and it creates a sort of gradient stain with a dark ring on the edge. Then I sealed it on with...superglue. Which is probably why I can't get them out of my mouth now. I'm just kidding. I waited for it to dry first.
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    Nice stuff. Your gums seem very opaque in the pics. Is that the image? Or is it the gouache? I have no experience with gouache so I have no idea.
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