Botbait Tentacle Mech

Hey everyone!

Been a big fan of SWSCA and learned SO MUCH from the tentacle mech video! After watching the video a few times and 3D printing different designs, here's my finished tentacle mech called Botbait!

Let me know what you think of it, and how I can improve it for the next version.

If you want to make one yourself, it's all open source and I've documented it all here.

The next tentacle I make I want to have it standing vertically, with little tentacles along the perimeter at the top. It will look weird, haha.


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    So frustrating- typed a lot more than just above, and the post was cut, and now can't edit it. Anyway, more about Botbait:

    It has an ultrasonic sensor to sense how close/far away you are from it to do different tail animations. All of the pieces are 3D printed, uses only 4 servos, and the center core is made up of flexible links using sugru. Not to mention the LEDs ;) Controlled by an Arduino and Adafruit Servo driver. 


    It's so cool the way tentacle mechanisms move... really mesmerizing. I've found some sequences of moving the servos so that the tail can swing back and forth, as well as in a circle, quite reliably.


    Here's what it looks like in the daylight. The electronics are just hanging around, but I like it this way.


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    That's really sweet! My only critique, use a speedometer cable for the center support and you will get enough support to stand it horizontally or vertically without any rotational problems.

    Are you going to make the 3d file opensource? Love to see them.

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    Hey Erin! Awesome Work!!:)
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    Great Work :):)
    I do agree - Speedo cable is the best to use to stop 'corkscrewing'
    I've made a few animatronic tails in my time :)
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