My Siamese albino raptor/Rex hybrid Tyler and Riley

Hi there everyone, sadly I could not make the time to properly do this piece, I would've loved to sculpt this fantastic mutation of mine. I've never seen any Dino related Siamese art so I went with this concept. With that said I'd like to introduce you to Tyler and Riley the Siamese albino raptor & Rex (micro) hybrid. They do not have traditional scales, more of a rhino skin. This is one of the many genetic mutations that occurred while cloning these Dino's for JP. The scientist overseeing these guys couldn't let them be disposed of so she instead hid them in an unfinished portion of the park. The are extremely intellectual but bicker with each other from time to time. One weird trait that these guys have is that they can tell the difference from meat and human flesh and are no way inticed by human flesh in any way. At times they even seem to show affection similar to a dog and are extremely protective of Emily ( the daughter of the scientist that created Tyler & Riley). Not your typical Dino and they love to swim. 
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