My Jurassic park Collection

Here is a Dilophosaurus mask, that was torn up, but now it's a wall mount. I took time with it by using Spray paint to repaint the frill and markings. Later, I added Hot glue for drool and it was also used on the eyes to give the eyes a pupil. The foliage came from hobby lobby and the palm frawns are from a duck blind I had. I then made this triceratops hatchling from a Universal studios bookbag I bought on ebay for $10. I repainted the "Trike" and attached it to an easter egg I bought from Walmart for $1.98. I used super glue to attach it and then went back and added Hot glue for yolk "goo" and then added more hot glue around the triceratops for a texture egg shell look. Hot glue was also used around the triceratops eyes to create eye lids. Acrylic Gloss spray paint was added to the egg prior to the "Trike's" mounting. The Pallete I used matches the egg color seen in the film, Moss green highlights with Goose feather creme tan. In short, my works by any definition, focus more on sculptural aspect.  


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    OH AND TO MAKE THE MASK HOLD ITS SHAPE I FILLED IT WITH GREAT STUFF SPRAY FOAM  AND INSERTED A pale with a handle on it inside of the head, so as it could easily attach to a nail for wall mounting. and It should also be noted that color on the "spitter" mask were originally not screen accurate, but as you can see I fixed that. and I'll post video on how to make the Trike Egg. I posted a pic below of what the "Dilo" mask looked like before I filed with great stuff and what its colors looked like before I painted it! 

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